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About Toilets

What does your bathroom say about you? If your bathroom isn?t quite all it should be?or worse?your toilet, bath or shower needs replacing?you can find all your plumbing essentials on eBay. Our reliable sellers can kit you out with a wide range of new toilets to suit any type of bathroom, from traditional to ultra-modern, and you can also find a selection of accessories, such as toilet seats. The one-piece toilet, with its sleek, contemporary design is a great choice for modern bathrooms and you can go with whatever level of modern you feel comfortable with?from the contemporary BAI one-piece toilet with its back to wall design and dual flush, to the futuristic Umbri one-piece toilet. Maybe you prefer to sit on something that looks softer on the eye? The European-style toilets with rounded or scalloped edging would suit a more romantic bathroom suite. Now, there?s no excuse for the throne in your home to be the bane of your bathroom.