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About Toggle Switches

David Letterman once remarked, "There is no off position on the genius switch." Even if a toggle switch existed for genius, you probably wouldn't want to turn it off anyway. For lights and other electric-powered things, though, a toggle switch with an off position is appreciated and often necessary. These implements are useful in a wide variety of applications, including anything where you need to turn the flow of electricity to an appliance on and off. For instance, you could use a toggle switch panel to arrange a series of switches for controlling lights and fans in a room, engage your car's ignition with a toggle switch, or get an LED toggle switch that lights up to let you know the appliance it's connected to is turned on. Whatever device you need to turn on and off, you can probably find a new or pre-owned toggle switch to control it on eBay. And who knows? Maybe an actual genius switch is just around the corner.