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About Tivoli

Listening to your favorite radio programs or music can be much more enjoyable with a bit of style. Tivoli audio products are a great choice for those who want an audio solution that is as visually distinct as it is sonically impressive. A Tivoli radio, like the Model One, features a bold, two-dial face design that combines a vintage feel with a modern aesthetic, and looks great sitting on a desk or bookshelf. An upgrade to the Model Three gives you Bluetooth functionality for wirelessly connecting with Bluetooth-enabled devices, such as speakers or other players. Tivoli audio also extends into the world of Hi-Fi systems, so you can create a more complex soundscape in your home with tuners, speakers, and more. Look through the Tivoli products on offer from the reliable sellers on eBay, and introduce an audio component or radio into your space that is as high on chic factor as it is on audio quality.

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