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About Titleist AP1 712 Irons

While the skill of the golfer is still tantamount to how well he or she scores, having top-quality equipment can make the difference in lowering your handicap by several shots. When it comes to quality, few iron sets can match that of Titleist AP1 712 irons. This set of irons includes every iron that a golfer needs to have in his or her bag, from 3-iron through 9-iron, pitching wedge, gap wedge, and sand wedge, and all are available individually or as a set as part of the vast inventory on eBay. Part of Titleist's Advanced Performance technology line, these multi-material dual cavity irons make it so that golfers are forgiven for small mistakes and still able to achieve great distance with their shots. These irons help golfers achieve better carry distance while also enjoying top-notch control. Precisely placed tungsten weights in the long and mid irons help to add yards to a golfer's game. The irons are available in two styles: steel and graphite, with graphite being the pricier of the two. While Titleist AP1 712 steel irons are less expensive, there is no drop-off in quality. When buying golf clubs, it is a good idea to know how long the clubs should be so that they fit your game perfectly. You may not play like Tiger Woods anytime soon, but you skills are sure to be closer to his than those of Tony the Tiger.

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