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About Titleist 910 Shaft

While a driver bent over the knee after slicing one off into the woods seems like it would be the number one reason for replacing a shaft, many golfers mix and match shafts and club heads to improve their performance on the course. The Titleist 910 shaft is a popular choice for customizing a driver because Titleist offers a few different high-performance options for this model. These shafts vary according to flex, weight, and torque, enabling you to choose the right combination of feel and maximum ball speed based on how you play. For example, a stiff 910 shaft reduces loft, making it the right choice if you're getting too much air underneath the ball of the tee. With a stiffer shaft, you'll hit more lasers that give you more distance when the ball bounces and rolls. However you want to play the ball, you can find a new Titleist 910 shaft for your game on eBay. And with the right driver shaft in your hands, you might just shave a few shots off your handicap.