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About Titleist

For golf lovers, the weekend hasn’t begun until they approach the tee and slip headcover off their club. Titleist has a long history of designing quality golf equipment. The brand has been known for its premium golf clubs, golf balls, and equipment for everyone from the beginner, to the recreational golfer, to the pro. Titleist believes in preserving the balance of technology and tradition. Titleist led golf innovation at its inception by reconstructing the interior of the golf ball to straighten its line and increase its distance. It is this spirit of innovation within regulatory compliance that makes Titleist a market leader today. By incorporating thin, oversized titanium head clubs into their product innovation, they increased the drive distance on their balls off the tee. By coupling adjustable club designs with lighter shafts, golfers gain higher levels of insight into launch conditions, improving driving lines. And it took only four years for the entire PGA to swap over to solid core golf balls when Titleist introduced the Pro V1 to the market in 2001. So whether you are looking for a great price on new golf balls, a new set of clubs, or the gear that makes you feel like a pro, including hats, shirts, and golf bags, you will find quality and durability in the Titleist brand. So whether or not you are over or under par, at the end of the weekend, when you clean and cover those club heads and slide them back into your bag, you can be satisfied that your green fees were well worth it when you played with Titleist.