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About Titanic Models

Near, far, wherever you are, a Titanic model captures the glory and beauty of the original Titanic ship, letting you imagine the ship in its heyday. These models come in various materials including wood, steel, and plastic. Some kits are suitable for use as display items, while you can set others afloat. Wooden Titanic models make nice decorative items. You can find them in softwoods like pine and cedar. These woods feature light weights, making them safe for displaying on high places like mantels and bookshelves. Most derive from handcraft, coming from manufacturers in the United States and Europe. Some have special lacquers or polishes, which add a deep, rich color and provide some degree of water resistance. You can put these boats in water, although wood deteriorates quickly over time. Some models feature intricate details like metal railings, lifeboats, cranes, and stacks. You can find some models fully constructed, while others require assembly from kits. On eBay, you can search a large inventory for Titanic toy models of all kinds. You can choose a Titanic model by size, manufacturer, like Revell, and special characteristics, like deluxe and limited edition models.