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About Titanic

The cultural mystique of the RMS Titanic and its ill-fated maiden voyage is impossible to deny. From continued underwater expeditions to blockbuster movies, it has drawn the hearts and minds of millions. You can bring some of that home with any number of new or pre-owned Titanic collectibles and memorabilia. Experience the pride of placing your own carefully assembled Titanic model on your shelf, complete with all of the miniscule decking and rigging of the original White Star Line ship. Historical enthusiasts may prefer the esteem of investing in an authentic Titanic artifact. Imagine a personal item of one of the passengers, or even a bit of the boat itself, a real item recovered from the deep-sea wreckage to sit on your mantle or in your curio. The intrepid enthusiast can find these items and more on eBay. An item like that deserves display, so why not place it on a pedestal to be admired and remarked upon? Whether you prefer to build your homage yourself in the form of a model or acquire a genuine article for your collection, one thing is certain: The wonder and fascination of the RMS Titanic is absolutely unsinkable.