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About Tissot PRC 200

The passing of time should never go unnoticed, and the Tissot PRC200 watch series offers modern, stylish designs to help you mark the passing of time with all the charismatic elements of your personality. Opt for sporty chronograph designs or elegant styles with sparkling quartz. All watches in the Tissot PRC200 series feature stainless steel materials with sapphire crystal glass to protect the watch faces. The distinctive Tissot T-Sport PRC200 features a slimmed down bezel design with a larger and more readable dial. This family of wristwatches is water-resistant up to 660 feet, and the watches pair with different Tissot PRC200 band styles, including the brand's authentic stainless steel gray bracelets and various classic designs made with high-quality leather. The quality of the materials used for the watches makes them highly resistant to wear and tear, and even used watches often appear almost new. With that in mind, it is popular to shop on eBay for great deals on used Tissot watches in addition to all the latest new styles. With a modern timepiece on your arm, you might not even care about the passing of time.