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About Tire Locks

Auto theft can occur in many forms, and one common theft is of hubcaps and spare tires. You can protect your property with a tire lock. These locks are specialty lug nuts that need a key to be removed, as they are smooth and cannot be removed with a tire iron. A tire wheel lock set typically includes four locks so you can protect all four wheels. If your spare tire is on the outside of your vehicle and you are worried about it being stolen, you will want to invest in a spare tire lock as well. To install your tire lock, you will need to remove one of your existing lug nuts on each tire and replace it with the lock. Be sure to keep your key in a safe place, as it can damage your tire to remove the lock without the key. If you would like to protect your wheels with a tire lock, be sure to check out the large inventory available on eBay before shopping anywhere else.