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About Tire Iron

A flat tire just ruined your chance of making it to the most important meeting of your life, which effectively deflates your hopes of nailing down that big promotion. You now know that a tire iron is one of the most important tools to have in your car. When shopping for this took, it is important to keep the vehicle type in mind. A motorcycle tire iron, for example, is an 11-inch steel spoon iron with a handle that works on motorcycles and many types of scooters, snowmobiles, and personal marine craft. A truck tire iron, such as the 24-inch durable forged steel model made by Pittsburgh Automotive, features a curved spoon end and a hook end for easily separating the tires from the rims. Numerous sellers of automotive products on eBay offer different types of tire irons for all kinds of vehicles. Simply browse the possibilities to find the tire iron you need to make sure you never miss another important moment in life due to such a simple disaster as a flat tire.