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About Tire Changers

Changing a tire is a tedious, greasy job that involves yanking, lugging, and tightening. Tire changers make it an easy process, saving time and headaches. Although anyone can do the job manually, a tire changing machine makes it much easier and faster, allowing mechanics to swap more tires in less time. Tire changers are typically expensive and large, and they are appropriate for people who own auto repair shops or drive professionally as they take up a lot of space and often require add-ons to work properly. Atlas tire changers, for example, are typically wheel clamp changers, and many require assist arm attachments to press the sidewalls into place. Manual, portable, and motorcycle tire changers are usually more affordable and take up much less space, making them suitable for home garages, and some are even small enough to tote around in a trunk for emergencies. Sellers on eBay offer a variety of options from trusted brands, such as Hunter, Coseng, Tesco, and Coats tire changers.