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About Tire Balancer

After reaching highway speeds, you notice your steering wheel begins to shake slightly. While this shaking is cause for concern, the solution is as easy as using a tire balancer and some wheel weights on your vehicle. While you can take your tires in to your mechanic to get balanced, you also can find all of the equipment that you need to do it yourself from the large inventory available from sellers on eBay, making this a quick at-home job. A bubble tire balancer is one economic way to balance your own tires, as it uses a level bubble on a pivot point to identify the light spots on your tire. Once you identify the light spots, you simply add the correct number of wheel weights to your rims to balance out each tire and eliminate shaking. While this type of tire balancer is simple to use and cost-effective, it can be finicky and not always accurate. A tire changer balancer is typically more specific than a bubble balancer, as this type of machine uses a computer to identify the low spots and displays exactly how much weight you need to add and where. Both balancer types work well when used properly, so it is simply a matter of cost and convenience when you decide which balancer to use.