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About Tin Robots

The creaking, clicking sound of a windup or battery-operated tin robot attracts the attention of toy collectors and wide-eyed children alike. Inspired by the classic science-fiction movies and televisions shows of the 1950s and 1960s, manufacturers in Japan produced a wide variety of tin robot toys and accessories. While originally intended for children, today's strict regulations on toys for children make these collectibles "adult only" due to small parts. The vintage tin robot toys reside on toy collectors' shelves, out of reach of children. From Nomura's Zoomer Robot, to Horikawa's Smoking Spaceman and Attacking Martian, to a variety of Japanese tin robot toys based on Robbie the Robot, first featured in "Forbidden Planet," the market for tin robot toys remains strong. Collectors search the vast inventory on eBay for new, new in-package, and used tin toys, and they can depending on reliable sellers for accurate descriptions, clear photographs, and convenient shipping options to select more tin robot toys and memorabilia for their collections.