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About Tin Cans

As a kid, you kicked a tin can on the walk home from school, or played "Kick the Can" with a group of friends. Now you collect them. Weird? Not so much, since old tin cans are an interesting way to track history, decorate your home, and revel in nostalgic moments. Use them in fun, useful ways, like as planters for lush greenery or fresh wildflowers, as pen and pencil holders, or as storage containers for arts and crafts supplies. Check out the surprisingly large selection of vintage tin cans available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Your kitchen will pop when you decorate it with a vintage Ovaltine tin can, a limited edition Ritz Crackers storage can, or a colorfully animated Hershey's Instant Chocolate tin from the 1960s. Imbue your home with original vintage flavor by adding a carefully placed antique tin can to the decor. An antique milk jug in the corner of your sun porch, an early 20th century Lus-Tro-Lac paint can on a side table, or a few vintage coffee cans scattered around your bookshelves will have your guests talking.