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About Tins

Coming in at number 50 on the periodic table, tin is a versatile element famous for its durability and its malleability. Find tin products of many types in a variety of conditions from reliable sellers on eBay. In the vein of pop culture legend and artist Andy Warhol, you can find vintage tins with the old fashioned font and color design that remind one of a 50?s bomb shelter. Tobacco, tea, cocoa, oyster, and an assortment of other tins can be found, distinguishingly marked. Great for holding keepsakes or as a decoration, a tin box comes in a several different shapes and sizes, some with the element?s natural metallic luster and others painted with a solid color or artistic design. For bullets, jewelry, plumbing, and other tin related projects, tin ingot is sold in bars, balls, sheets, and other forms for the DIY crowd handy with the soldering iron and related tools. Whatever your tin related titillation, you can rest assured it?s just a few clicks away.