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About Timing Covers

You feel a sudden jolt in your vehicle and then it comes to a stop, leaving you in the middle of the road. A pebble got stuck in your timing chain because you did not have a timing cover over your chain. It is important to have this cover here to prevent any dirt or debris from getting into your engine. Your timing belt cover has the sole purpose of protecting the components of your engine including the belt and gears. When the cover is missing, pieces of other materials can get near the belt and damage the gears. The timing chain cover is made from different materials, but most commonly a form of metal is used. The cover will seal off the front end of your engine. The cover serves another purpose and that is to help keep the gears lubricated and prevent the lubrication from drying out. If the lubrication is gone, the gears will grind on each other and potentially damage them. If you are shopping around for a new timing cover for your vehicle, browse through the selection sold by the reliable sellers on eBay.