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About Timex Weekender

Telling time with your cell phone does nothing to improve your wardrobe, but a quality timepiece like the Timex Weekender adds color and style to your everyday look. With its round design, Indiglo dial face, and bold graphics, the Weekender is a bright addition to any accessories collection. Based on the traditional NATO strap used in military watches, the Timex Weekender Slip Thru strap on this watch has a sturdy nylon construction and comes in a wide range of patterns and colors. Options include monochromatic designs in neutral tones, hot pinks, and even tailored pinstripes. The variety of strap designs makes the Timex Weekender one of the brand's most flexible watches, offering a look that works with anybody's sense of style. For those who want a bit more polish in their wristwatches, look for this model paired with a Timex Weekender leather strap. New and used options in a wide array of colors and designs are available from sellers on eBay. Take a look and find a Timex Weekender to add style to your accessories collection.