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About Tim Hardaway

When Tim Hardaway was a star guard at the University of Texas El Paso, his crossover dribble move was so devastating it was called the "UTEP Two Step," and it influenced an entire generation of basketball players. One of those who would perfect the revolutionary move was his own son, Tim Hardaway, Jr. Tim Hardaway's Number 10 jersey became a fan favorite during his career. When his son matriculated at the University of Michigan as one of the most heavily recruited players in the country, he adopted the same Number 10. By the time he completed his career in Ann Arbor, the Hardaways were acclaimed as the best father-son duo in college basketball history. Tim Hardaway went on to star with the Miami Heat after he left college, and his son was drafted by the New York Knicks in 2013. They may some day become the best father-son duo in professional basketball as well. You can find your choice of famous Number 10 Tim Hardaway jerseys from the large inventory offered by trustworthy sellers on eBay.

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