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About Tilley Hats

You reach the summit of Wheeler Peak, and the summer sun beats down on your head and shoulders as you survey the stunning vistas in all directions. Fortunately, a Tilley hat protects your face and neck from the harmful rays, allowing you to enjoy the moment without fear of painful repercussions. When it comes to enjoying outdoor activities, a reliable hat removes the danger of sun exposure. A mesh model like the Tilley Airflo hat is breathable and lightweight, which means it releases the heat generated by your scalp. It also floats if you accidentally drop it in the creek, although you might have to be quick if the creek has a swift current. A Tilley winter hat features soft, warm wool that is perfect for cold weather. You may want to consider a Tilley hat with strings you can tie under your chin for those wind-whipped days. Tilley hats are mildew-resistant, which is perfect for outdoorsmen who tend to encounter unexpected storms. When considering the large inventory on eBay, it is best to focus on hats that block ultraviolet rays to minimize the risk of sun damage, and Tilley fits the bill.