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About Tiki Mug

From delicious food to idyllic music, the Polynesian culture brings a sense of calming enjoyment to life. The Tiki mug serves as one symbol of the culture, featuring a carving of the infamous Tiki man on drinkware. The Tiki man is supposedly the first man created in the Polynesian religion. Since then, the Tiki man has evolved to be a large sculpture in human form, accentuating features such as the eyes and mouth. The Tiki man may mark religious or sacred sites. Vintage mugs boast classic designs made in the 1960s by famed artists such as Paul Marshall. While some of these designs are on ceramic, unique examples are wood. Wood mugs boast designs that are three-dimensional, adding to the beauty and individuality of the design. A vast inventory on eBay can help you find the Tiki mug that serves as a great starting point for your new collection, or even the one that completes the array of mugs you already have on display.