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About Tiki

Tiki culture based loosely on Polynesian styles and art is seeing a revival among fans of the island life. If you like to boogie to the island beat or just want to set up a party area you can find plenty of decor from the large inventory available on eBay. A big part of the culture involves carved wooden statues of humanoid forms which were used in Polynesian cultures to mark the boundaries of religious sites. Copies of these forms in various sizes are popular in Tiki culture to serve as guards at the entrance to a room, or good luck charms placed on tables and bars. Those with outside party areas can also add lamps and torches for an island Luau feeling. These lamps also help light up the area with an otherworldly glow and cast plenty of light for guests to see by. During meals, Tiki mugs carved with exaggerated forms are a fun choice to serve with Hawaiian style drinks. With little effort you can design a unique Polynesian themed area for all parties and events.