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About Tiger Woods PGA Tour

Golf can be a hard game for many children and young adults to get into. Tiger Woods helped change that, when his age and sheer talent not only changed the world of real life golf, but the Tiger Woods PGA Tour game helped spread it to the youth. Between 1999 and 2014, Tiger Woods PGA Tour was the biggest selling golf game series in the world. Every year, it became a bigger game, developing from a basic golf game into a fully formed PGA Tour simulator, taking advantages of new movement-detecting technologies. The Tiger Woods PC game only survived the first decade, and since Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08, has been a console and mobile device only series. The series has continued with PS2, PS3, PS4, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360, Xbox One editions, until Tiger Woods PGA Tour 14, when EA announced that new EA golf games would not be connected to the Tiger Woods name. Whichever Tiger Woods PGA Tour game you are looking for, search on eBay, where there is a long list of reputable sellers with video games and merchandise available.