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About Tiger Ring

Many people think the lion is the largest of the wild cats; in truth, the majestic tiger is the largest and perhaps the most powerful. This might be the reason the tiger ring and tiger accessories are so popular among women. In a world where women still face some inequality, a woman can draw inner strength from a gold tiger ring hugging her finger. Just glance down at your hand to remember what the tiger stands for. It might be the motivation you need to achieve your goals. If you do not want an actual tiger head on your finger, you can achieve the same strength by wearing a tiger eye ring. The tiger eye is a beautiful stone that has a wood grain appearance. In feng shui, it is considered a protection stone. If ever you feel you need some protection from anything, you can find a tiger eye on eBay and keep it on you. Whether it provides you with real protection or perceived, it?s still a beautiful stone. Even if you don?t believe the symbolism of the tiger ring and tiger eye, they still make for a lovely statement piece that will be an attention grabber and a conversation starter.