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About Tiger Eye

Sometimes the simplest and least expensive jewelry really sets off your features to achieve the best effect. Tiger?s eye is a gemstone with a deep reddish brown color resembling its namesake. If you look good in earthy tones, this gem, which is often worn as a pendant or on a necklace or ring, adds a little spark to accent your style. Though known in ancient times, it was rediscovered in great quantities in South Africa in the 1800s. Tiger?s Eye is a type of quartz laced with natural parallel asbestos fibers, which give it the unique luster, called chatoyancy. In whatever form best suits your look, this natural stone puts class in your style without great cost or tedious care. Though it is very durable and hard, you should protect yours from scratches and quick changes in temperature, as with any gemstone. Subtly hint your sophistication to the world by finding a piece from one of the reliable sellers on eBay. No one complains about an added touch of feline mystique.