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About Tiffany Spoons

It has been said that collecting vintage sterling silver is a lovely hobby, but actually using the pieces you collect is beyond heavenly. If the vintage sterling in question is a Tiffany sterling spoon, then you are most definitely in for a treat. Classic Tiffany pieces stand the test of time with hardly a blemish to mar them. Finding and using a Tiffany sterling demitasse spoon elevates morning coffee to a level that transcends the mundane. Twirling a tiny sterling spoon through a cup of rich espresso gives Tuesday a new lease on life. Better still, imagine hosting your next girls' afternoon in with a set of stunning Tiffany teaspoons that you found while browsing through the wide selection on eBay. Whether you are catching up on the latest episodes of "Scandal" or simply enjoying each others' company, afternoon tea is suddenly much more interesting. Regardless which Tiffany sterling spoon is destined to become yours, expect to feel differently about performing those everyday tasks.

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