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About Tiffany Lamps

Featuring a colorful and intricate motif of hand-cut and stained glass, the first Tiffany lamp dates back to 1895. Although Louis Comfort Tiffany originally received credit for the design, the actual creator was Clara Driscoll, a largely unrecognized artist who designed many of the early Tiffany lamps. Arising from the Art Nouveau movement, the handmade lamps featured the craftsmanship of skilled artisans. Collectors of these stunning lamps can find original pieces on eBay offered by a variety of reliable sellers. Shoppers who desire the beauty of a Tiffany lamp but cannot afford the prices of original pieces can find an immense number of vibrant reproductions. Related items, such as Tiffany lamp shades and Tiffany floor lamps, are also available. It is important to note that a lamp stamped Tiffany and Company is not a vintage Tiffany product. Early originals featured a Tiffany Studios New York stamp.