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About Tie Lot

A tie lot provides an instant addition to your wardrobe for every day of the week, even every day of the month, without the need to wear the same tie twice. A tie dresses up your outfit without having to be too formal, and it classes up a buttoned shirt, sport coat, and jeans for a semi-casual night out after work. If you prefer chic silk, a silk tie lot offers a collection of instant classics, ready to wear at a moment's notice. Opt for stripes, paisleys, or even playful prints such as a tie full of musical notes, cartoon characters, or fishing flies. Skinny silk ties are perfect for that retro 1980s rocker look. For that special touch, a bow tie lot gives your outfits a distinctive edge. Go bold with stripes, animal prints, or polka dots, or stick with classic solid colors for a more traditional approach. No matter which type of tie lot you seek; reliable sellers on eBay over a vast variety in just about every color and pattern you can imagine.