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About Tie Fighters

No true evil empire battle-station would be truly complete without its own TIE fighter fleet. How else are your enemies to know you mean business and you’re out to own the entire galaxy, not just a corner of it? eBay's reliable sellers have a great selection of new and used Star Wars collectibles and toys. Make sure your bedroom base of attack is fully protected with LEGO TIE fighters, along with a minifigure pilot for each. For maximum effect, pose them close to entrances, as attacks are best at short range. Battle against the Rebel scum and take advantage of the TIE fighter's superior maneuverability. And for the lucky TIE fighter pilot who survives until retirement (a rarity in the Star Wars universe), show off the pride of your fleet with a wide selection of vintage TIE fighters, many available in mint collectable condition. You’ll never have to worry about confusion over your old war stories again!