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About Tie Dye Shirts

"Give peace a chance" is arguably one of the most recognizable mottos of the hippie movement. Tie dye shirts are arguably one of the most recognizable icons of the hippie movement. The bright colors splashed haphazardly on the shirt represent the casual and carefree lifestyle of the 1960s. Often, these shirts are seen with iconic bands like the Grateful Dead or musicians like Bob Marley, and sport popular symbols such as a peace sign or white dove. The hippie lifestyle is all about living and loving life, and not being tied down to material things. Tie-dyeing is a great way to re-purpose old shirts. Whether you want to re-live the 1960s era or a new hippie wanna-be, sellers on eBay offer a variety of tie dye shirts for your perusal. There is a large selection open to both men and women, and the styles include old vintage shirts or even ones representing the Rastafarian lifestyle. Get your hippie on, get groovy, peace out, and just go with the flow. Far out, man.