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About THX

The audience is listening. THX Limited certification is the optimal way to ensure the quality of sound coming from virtually any set of speakers, whether commercial or private. You can be positive that quality, clarity, and fidelity are all within earshot when you have THX certified speakers. With THX speakers and a THX receiver, you are ensuring not just quality viewing but also quality hearing. Imagine bringing all of your friends and family around for a movie night that really pops—just like in the movie theaters, but at a fraction of the price and with 10 times the comfort and control. You can outfit any room in your home or business, and even your automobile, with quality THX certified sound by shopping on eBay for new and used speakers and receivers. This technology has been improved and enhanced with newer and more innovative technology since its inception in 1983 for LucasFilms, but even vintage THX provides the enhanced and pitch perfect audio quality you deserve. Hold on tight, because the sound will blow you away.