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About Thunderheader

Known primarily for its exhaust systems, Thunderheader is a company that has put a focus on maximizing the efficiency and power of your motorcycle. Through a unique design that uses "exhaust scavenging" to harvest energy from the force of exhaust exiting the engine, Thunderheader mufflers are able to create low pressure in the exhaust port and combustion chamber. This low pressure helps pull more fuel and air into the engine every time it cycles. Long tubes that are cut to specific measurements for your make and model of bike are required for this technique to work. You can also find Thunderheader heat shields through the large inventory on eBay. These durable pipe covers fit over the end of the tailpipe to extend the exhaust. It provides an added measure of protection for your legs and the legs of your passengers from the hot fumes that come right out of the exhaust system. Heat shields are usually triple-layered in chrome and may even have designs embossed on the top. Give your motorcycle a little extra boost in speed and power with Thunderheader.

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