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About Thumper Cam

Muscle car enthusiasts are discerning in their tastes when it comes to quality automotive parts, which is why the Comps Cams Thumpr line of products have continued to endure in their quest to keep vehicles roaring. Camaro owners may want to invest in a Chevy Thumpr cam, but there is no need to fret as there are options for Chrysler, Dodge, General Motors, Ford, and Mercury. Quality cams are integral in ensuring valve trains are performing to their best ability, but with the Comp Cams Thumpr line, sound is the real game changer. Take for instance, the Comp Cams Mutha Thumpr, with its long exhaust duration that creates a powerful, attention-grabbing sound. Additionally, these cams have been tested on a variety of engines in order to ensure horsepower as well. Put the pedal to the metal and check out eBay for all of your automotive needs and much more. Thousands of sellers are ready to process your order and provide renowned, reliable shipping. Some like a whisper, while others prefer a roar. Into which category do you fall?

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