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About Throttle Position Sensors

A rough idle leads to some further investigation and you determine that you need a new throttle position sensor. Throttle position sensors act as the gatekeeper for the throttle butterfly valve, which is what allows air into the intake manifold. When the throttle position sensor starts to go, the butterfly valve can add too much, or not enough, air into the system, causing a number of problems. Throttle position sensors are very vehicle-specific, and because they are an integral part of the system, you need to replace them with compatible models. Since all vehicles are different, the replacement process is a little different from vehicle to vehicle, but essentially, you replace the sensor by first disconnecting the battery terminals and then removing the sensor cover to reveal the sensor. Most sensors are mounted with screws on a bracket. Follow the directions with your new sensor to properly install it once the old one is removed. Throttle position sensors are vital to your vehicle, so it is important to replace faulty parts as soon as you identify the issue. The large inventory on eBay makes it easy to find the right replacement part for your vehicle, getting you back on the road quickly.