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About Throttle Cables

That thrill you get when you and your bike become one unit and you are coasting down the road at top speed? CatEye products only make that better. Safer for sure, considering the range of CatEye light options available including the Rapid X, which features a USB charging port and a battery-saving Auto setting. You may also want to look at CatEye to help improve your performance if your relationship with your bike is about training. A CatEye computer can measure anything from your heartrate to your speed and can also feature useful items like GPS mapping. All CatEye products feature a design that mounts easily and securely on your bike. CatEye also takes care of the small touches you need on your bike, too, with everything from bottle cages to rearview mirrors available in their catalog. If you want to improve your safety and performance on the road, take a look at the new and used CatEye products available on eBay.

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