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About Threader Earrings

You are dressed and ready to go on a fabulous night out on the town. In those classy heels, you walk with your threader earrings swaying this way and that. Crafted with a delicate thin chain and post, the earrings adorn your ears. Unlike other designs, the pair of silver earrings does not require a back latch or closure. You pull the threaded post a little more for a graceful look. You know that it won?t damage the ear lobe, so pull a little more. The simplicity of the design is combined with several different components, each of which has much importance. Once you arrive at your destination, the gold buckle on your heels catches your eye. You make a note to yourself that a pair of gold earrings would have really complemented this charm on your footwear. Get some for next time from one of the reliable sellers on eBay that offers many styles in pre-loved and new conditions. Threader earrings beautifully reflect your personal style; and the sooner you get them, the sooner you flaunt them.

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