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About Thor Hammers

Hailing from the planet of Asgard, Thor is an iconic character from Marvel Comics that has thrilled audiences through a variety of mediums for decades. Everyone enjoys dressing up as a favorite superhero for Halloween or a costume party, and the vast inventory of Thor hammers on eBay makes it easy to become this legendary hero. Inspired by Norse mythology, Thor first appeared in a 1962 issue of "Journey Into Mystery" where Marvel introduced him as a character that combined the familiar mythological tale with a sci-fi element. As Planet Asgard's "God of Thunder," Thor was always seen with the powerful enchanted hammer known as "Mjolnir." Since that first appearance, that hammer has played a significant role in the comic book series as well as in many popular films. Officially licensed Thor Hammers are about 16 inches in length and do a terrific job capturing the majesty of this famous weapon. Rare and discontinued representations of the powerful hammer have been designed to commemorate different films and comic series throughout the years and can make great gifts for avid collectors.