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About Thomas Kinkade Prints

When it comes to paintings of peaceful, bucolic settings, very few painters have seen the commercial success of Thomas Kinkade. According to some estimates, 1 out of every 20 American homes displays a copy of one of his works. This astounding feat is a testament to the way that his works touch on the romantic and idyllic nerve of the nation. Thomas Kinkade's Christmas collection, for example, fits seamlessly with popular characterizations of the holiday, with light glittering on freshly fallen snow, smoke pouring out of chimneys, and warm happiness pervading the inside of homes freshly stocked with baked goods and presents. Kinkade bills himself as the "Painter of Light," a term that aptly fits his use of the element throughout his work. Signed Thomas Kinkade prints are highly valued by many households. You can find a wide variety of his paintings and prints from the vast inventory on eBay. His adept hand skillfully portrays scenes that are embedded in the national psyche, making them the perfect companion to any holiday gathering. Thomas Kinkade's work is a testament to the power of idyllic iconography in the American home.