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About Thomas Kinkade

Thomas Kinkade was a prolific American artist who spent the better part of his short life rendering paintings of realistic, idyllic scenes saturated with light and pastels. Through his art, which he used to support and fund hospitals, schools, and humanitarian relief, he sought to inspire and create an appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Explore the extensive selection of Thomas Kinkade prints, figurines, mugs, and other collectibles available from the reliable sellers on eBay. Illuminate your home with original, signed Thomas Kinkade paintings or exquisitely replicated prints. Select pieces that highlight the artist's favorite themes such as "Blessings of Christmas," "Hometown Memories," and "Morning Dogwood." Adorn your mantel or coffee table with beautiful collectibles inspired by Kinkade's art. Choose a set of decorative Thomas Kinkade plates for your curio cabinet or dining room wall. Select an elegant, lighted porcelain lighthouse or musical trinket box or any cheerful Christmas ornaments and decorative figurines to liven up your home during the holidays. Be inspired.