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About Third Brake Lights

You slow down upon seeing the traffic light turn yellow. While your two main rear brake lights come on, but your third brake light does not and? BAM! You get rear-ended. Fortunately, everyone's okay, but your neck already feels stiff and the back of your car's a mess. Sure, the other driver's at fault, but you could also be cited for having a malfunctioning brake light. In addition, you have to deal with the headache of having your car fixed and the pain of your whiplash. That third brake light, which is the center-mounted one about halfway up the back of your car that indicates to drivers behind you at eye level that you're slowing or stopping, has been required on cars in the United States since 1986. Luckily, when your third brake light goes out, you can buy a new one on eBay to replace it, because on the site, you'll find ones using LED, filament, or neon bulbs, or you can buy a universal one that fits any car or shop for one specifically for your vehicle make and model. While the third brake light might seem like overkill to some, it actually helps you to stay safe on the road.