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About Thick Socks

Thick socks are a must for those that live in colder climates or if you wear work boots. If you participate in outdoor, winter sports, like skiing or hiking, you appreciate a good pair of warm, thick socks. They help keep your feet warm and they cushion your foot against the hard edges of boots, which can cause blistering and pain. Socks with a thick cushion around the heel and ankle and under the ball of the foot help to prevent blisters and keep the foot comfortable. Some extra thick socks have protection against odor, and moisture wicking socks keep the feet dry while warding off odors, as well. Blending a soft fabric like alpaca fur with breathable cotton makes socks warm and comfortable. Find thick wool socks on eBay, where reliable sellers offer new socks for men and women in different lengths to go with all your shoes and boots. Get short socks for sneakers and long socks for boots. You can even get some to wear around the house without shoes.