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It’s the last play of a clutch game, a win that you need to move on to the playoffs… if you have the dominant player skills and quick thinking of a Troy Aikman, winning is nothing but a thing. This Dallas Cowboys quarterback is a legend in his field and Super Bowl winner who led “America’s team” at perhaps the height of its fame. For this reason, quarterbacking legend Troy Aikman is on the radar of anyone who loves football, not just dedicated Dallas fans, and figures prominently in many a sports memorabilia collection. Aikman fans can find a Troy Aikman auto card to add to a card collection or find a Troy Aikman jersey to wear to the next Dallas game. The options are as dynamic as his playing career, with new and used options available to you on eBay. Explore the Troy Aikman products and collectibles to find a piece that brings the glory of this legend home.