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About Thermaltake

Shop the large inventory of computer components and parts including computer cases and accessories!

Delivering the perfect user experience is what Thermaltake is all about. With exceptional gaming chassis cases and an innovative power supply lines, they are the optimum brand for home-computer builders. Thermaltake chassis have windows, extra space for hardware expansion, lots of ventilation, cleanable air filters, and tool-free installation. Gamers will love the performance of their computer due to excellent heat ventilation through the chassis and the intelligent power supply monitoring. The power supply can monitor the cost it takes to run your PC, record the status of your PC, and help with sharing cloud data with friends. Power supply models come with Smart DPS software, wattage monitors, better voltage regulation, improved efficiency, and economical monitoring. New and gently used cases, power supplies, and more are available from reliable sellers on eBay. Even if you're not a hardcore gamer, Thermaltake products can help you save electricity, make your computer run more efficiently, and keep the heat from damaging important and expensive hardware components.