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About The Rock - Sports

Marty continues to be fascinated with rocks even though he is now a grown man with a family of his own. Looking back, Marty was like all little boys who loved to pick up rocks. Each day, his mother would have to have him empty his pockets of his collection. Unlike other little boys, who eventually turn their love for rocks into a love for baseball, Marty never lost interest in rocks and minerals. Each day he would walk miles to find the most interesting specimens. His rock collection continued to blossom, especially after his mother got him a rock polisher one year for Christmas. He was amazed at what the different specimens looked like after they were polished. Eventually, Marty got his first job and started earning money of his own. A friend at work told him about all the neat things on eBay. To Marty, there was nothing neater than a rock so Marty decided to look. The coworker was right and now Marty's home is filled with many different specimens from around the world. Many years later, Marty is still indebted to that coworker, as he continues to buy rocks on eBay.