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About The Mentalist

With well over 100 nail-biting episodes under its belt by the end of its fifth season in May of 2013, police procedural crime drama "The Mentalist" is a taut episodic tale filled with twists and turns that keep the viewer guessing. The series follows the clever and determined Patrick Jane, played by Simon Baker, as he lends his specific set of deductive talents to the California Bureau of Investigation to aid in the search of serial killer Red John, the same villain who murdered his wife and daughter. Fans of the genre will find a lot to love this suspenseful prime time thriller, and those longing to catch up can secure a new or used DVD of "The Mentalist" seasons 1-4 on DVD on eBay for marathon watching. Diehard fans can even invest in a sleek "The Mentalist" poster for their media wall. Enthusiasts of well-written and thoroughly researched fiction will appreciate the show's 2010 award for scientific and critical thinking content from the Independent Investigations Group, while those who just enjoy a good story can appreciate the several nominations for honors like People's Choice Awards, SAG Award, and even Primetime Emmys. It does not take superhuman deduction skills to know that "The Mentalist" belongs on the must-watch list of every crime drama enthusiast.

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