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About Thai Amulet

Mention Thailand to world travelers and immediately watch a warm, blissful smile take over their face as memories of breathtaking temples and natural wonders come flooding back. A Thai amulet evokes a similar feeling for anyone with a special connection to the region, or those planning to make one someday. An antique-styled silver pendant featuring Buddha on a vibrant, glossy red background looks as vibrant as the lively streets of Bangkok. Stunning copper versions of Buddha amulets made by monks in temples in the Lam Prang province are said to bring protection, luck, happiness, and wellness. To carry the blessings of LP Pae of the Wat Pikulthong temple in Singburi province, choose a Pitta amulet created from holy powders and blessed by the renowned monk. Pair your favorite necklace with the stunning mixed-metal design of a Sumrit Silver Thai amulet with a gold micron pendant case created by Luang Pu Kalong at the Wat Khao Laem temple. The vast inventory on eBay connects you to the farthest corners of the globe, allowing you to carry a piece of Thailand wherever you go.

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