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About Terry Richardson

Great American photographers tend to carve a niche for themselves that renders their works immediately identifiable. Just as Dorothea Lange became synonymous with the farmers of the Great Depression and Diane Arbus earned the moniker "photographer of freaks," Terry Richardson has asserted himself as a preeminent documentarian of modern Hollywood. Drawing on the contrast between the glamour of his subjects and the raw, almost amateurish quality of his composition, Terry Richardson offers a wordless narrative playing up the allegedly seedy underbelly of stardom. His works act as conversation starters for those itching to deliver their poignant discourse on the evils of show business and the trials and tribulations suffered by the latest child star to fall from grace. A Terry Richardson poster is an attractive and affordable way to tie a room together. For that extra little bit of Tinseltown flair, signed Terry Richardson prints are available from a number of reliable sellers on eBay.