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About Terrariums

While interacting with your pet tarantula may provide a nice break from studying for exams, you probably do not want her roaming freely around your room or house. A terrarium allows you to enjoy your exotic pet in a more secure way, and gives it a suitable habitat. A glass terrarium is absolutely essential if you own an arthropod, reptile, or other small creature, and you should make sure to buy and set up the home before you buy its future inhabitant. Nothing is sadder than a homeless lizard, so it is important to make sure you have the proper reptile terrarium for your scaly friend. You should not buy a terrarium that is cramped or that your pet will grow out of, so make sure that the pet's new domain is large enough to accommodate growth and activity. You can find terrariums and supplies for all kinds of animals on eBay, where reliable sellers offer convenient shipping options as well.