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About Terraplane

Crossing the plains or climbing the mountains, the Terraplane was a classic of 1930s automotive engineering from Hudson. Relive a race up Mount Washington in your own rebuilt beauty with a wide selection of parts and manuals available from sellers on eBay. The 1933 Terraplane was the record breaker, climbing the summit in just over thirteen minutes. A chromed tilt steering column would add a little 'hot rod' to your Hudson. A two-inch floor mount steering column in chromed stainless steel would give you the feeling of racing against that mountain on an everyday cruise past the trees. If you are looking for a chromed steering column for your bigger bodied 1937 Hudson Terraplane, the wide variety of parts on eBay makes this a reality, too. Another GM part that will retrofit the Terraplane, this baby is also finished in show quality chrome. Six or nine-hole steering adapters fit the shaft, and the turn signal and hazard switches are prewired. Get your fix for your Terraplane from reliable sellers on eBay.