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About Terra Cotta Pots

A great way to literally inject new life into your home and garden decorating is planting a myriad of indoor and outdoor plants in exquisite terra cotta pots. Using the most popular, classic color of reddish orange is always a surefire bet, but these pots come in a huge variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Look for hand painted terra cotta flower pots or vintage pots with a weathered, antique look. Use smaller pots for an indoor container garden and pots more than two feet tall for smaller outdoor shrubs or trees. Plants with deep roots like carrots need a deep pot, while spreading plants like St. John's Wort, daisies, or black-eyed Susans grow better in wide, shallow pots. You can also use a wide range of terra cotta clay pots on decks and patios. Pots shaped like cute animals add personality indoors or outdoors. Set your pots on clay "feet" or bricks to let air circulate underneath and keep plant roots from sitting in water if the drainage hole is blocked. You can also put terra cotta saucers underneath the pots, using matching saucers or changing up colors for variation. With the vast inventory on eBay, you can find the perfect terra cotta pots to make your home and garden more welcoming.